“Engendering and nurturing

Creating life without owning it”

These lines describe the maternal aspects of the Tao that we must work to practice in ourselves. In Buddhism, there is the quality of Bodhicitta – a heart filled with compassion and wisdom, driven to attain happiness and libertation from suffering for all beings.

When we develop this quality, we become as a mother to all beings. We regard all beings as if they were our children; looking upon them as Buddhas and wish-fulfilling jewels, always willing to bow to the divinity within them. This practice is the supreme way of feeling true love for all beings, and eliminating any of the negativity or attachment we might otherwise feel towards them.

Ultimately, it about cultivating Selfless Love – love that is  – not love that has. This is the distinction of the line ‘Creating life without owning it.’ If we love something, and expect to get something out of it in turn, then we have fallen into a pit. Merely feeling love for any being is a gift in and of itself – such a love does not need to be actuated or reified in anyway.

But, as soon as we expect something from the thing we love – expecting it to give something back to us, even though it has already given us the insurpassable gift of experiencing love – then this is like taking a shit on a shooting star. We have taken purity, and debased it, by making demands of it. Never ask how the thing you love can serve you – only how you can selflessly serve it.

TAO TE CHING TEACHINGS: Opening Heaven’s Gates


“Opening all of Heaven’s gates

Become like a female bird

Incubating her eggs”

Heaven’s gates refers to many things. It does refer to the energy channels within us, our chakras or dantian, and how they interact with the rest of the universe, but, ultimately, the biggest gate we find is the one that opens when we become willing to throw our limited human mentality away. The third eye and crown chakras in particular are often referred to as heavenly gates.

How do we open these gates? Meditation, internal alchemy, visualization, chanting, music, honesty in expression and life, healing, and perseverance in practice. These heavenly gates are also influenced by the movements of the stars, as well as other types of interactive energetic phenomena.

When these gates open, and energy flows naturally as it should, without being blocked or obstructed, a sense of wholeness is produced – the myriad parts of our being, life, and awareness all become a concerted unity. Taoist alchemists were very fond of saying that this precious orb, the sense of full round perfection should be carefully managed and nurtured at all times, like a chicken guarding her eggs, or an oyster enclosing its pearl. It is something precious, and should never be squandered or compromised. An egg is a source of life. Let go of this sacred pearl, and you will be letting go of life.

Wrathful Deity Channeled – The Shaman’s Power


Sat down to meditate. Prayed and invoked a lot of different deities. I used Tara’s mantra, and visualized myself as one of her wrathful aspects, holding a lotus flower containing a spinning dharma wheel, seated on a moon disk in a lotus flower, Amitabha on my crown, and surrounded by a coronal wreath of fire.

As the feeling stabilized, I focused on her feminine attributes, channelling powerful energy through my imaginal vagina, and expanding my breasts to feed all the living, visualizing myself in consort with an appropriate male partner, and then switching it around, so that I was also the male, with a Vajravetali like figure.  Indestructible corpse – what a beautiful name! Channelling the whirling energy between us up through our crowns and out of the head into a womb of power above.

The channelled chanting starts quite early, barely ten minutes into the meditation – possibly the quickest arising yet. It is a short, repetitive mantra, most likely Tibetan, and, at first, starts out in just a muttered whisper, before gradually building in volume as the energetic sensations arise with it. It is easily the most demonstrably wrathful spirit I have ever channeled – my body swings, writhes and contorts rhythmically and pendulously with intensity and purpose, stretching and adapting my body in all sorts of unusual ways. No doubt, a fool would consider such an experience to be demonic possession, instead of a powerful, yet volatile, healing and awakening. It latter switches to a secondary mantra, which also sounds Tibetan. In general, the performance my body gives reminds me a lot of the dancing engaged in by the Tibetan oracles, who also rely mostly on wrathful deities for oracles, particularly Yamantaka.

The visions are of many wrathful spirits, definitely Yamantaka, and other blue, flaming, horned beings, possibly Sipe Gyalmo (who I invoked) and other Bon deities. At one point, I can feel these horns growing out of my head, and see a multiplicity of Yamantakas dancing upon the hazardous peaks of the Himalayas, raging with joy and power.

It feels like a definite Kundalini experience. There is a huge onrush of energy flowing through my lower three chakras, particularly my root and sexual chakras. I have not felt such a surge of sexual and Shakti prana for quite a long time – I don’t think any of them have ever been quite as intense, yet purely channeled, as this. It rises up into my imaginary womb, hopefully helping to burn away the karmic traces of sadness and grief that have become trapped there.

It strikes me that one of the reason the Vajrayana and Dzogchen traditions of Tibet are so powerful is because, though Buddhist, they are still essentially shamanistic in nature. Most of the Shamanistic traditions in the world have been utterly slaughtered, forgotten, or destroyed. Yet, the Bon and Buddhist traditions of Tibet are still being amazingly preserved and practiced to this day; and, with every passing day, more and more of its powerful, ancient secrets are being revealed and shared with the world at large. It is the greatest, greatest of gifts.

The reason it is so powerful is because of this dynamic coupling of the carefully codified wisdom and compassion of the Buddha Dharma, mingled with the natural, mystical, ritualized wildness of the Shamanistic Bon religion, tamed and wielded to perfection by Padmasambhava. Shamanism is always so powerful because it taps directly, and spontaneously, into the most powerful and ancestral of energies, without any remote requirement for intellectualism or even understanding. The shaman can do a lot of what he does simply because he does not understand, or even need to, in order to do it. Such a state of affairs is a puzzle to the ignorant, Western mind, which feels like it needs to grasp, explain, and intellectually reduce everything, before it can finally accept it and make use of it; rejecting everything that is misunderstood, even if it clearly and demonstrably works.

Of course, the shaman’s Way is not for everyone. It require complete grounding, courage, and fearlessness – the willingness to become repeatedly insane on a regular basis. Fortunately, for me, I have longed for insanity ever since I was a child, and so am perfectly suited to the role – especially as it is one that I have taken on in many, many lives. I am so grateful to have this part of myself reawakened, and look forward to sharing it with the rest of the world, to the benefit of all.



POEM: Dawning of the Heart


Quite without knowing it

You have awakened my heart

Ripening it to a state

Of ever-blossoming Bodhicitta

You are my heart

You are my Bodhicitta

As my goddess without

You have awakened my goddess within

I had to learn to love you

Purely first

To light the ignition

That was to detonate my love

In all directions

Can you hear this rainbow song?

The blood is sure

To cascade through the streets

As the wrath and rage

Of my love soon meet

The Third Eye


Here’s a link to an article I wrote about The Third Eye for Mantra Tantra Yantra: