An Amazing Movie I’d Love You All To Watch

The above link is a feature film created by my exceedingly talented friend, the artist, Julian Lach. It is an incredible, meditative, funny, and mesmerizing movie that I hope will bring as much joy to you as it did to me. Julian asked me if I would write some poetry to accompany his film, which I have included below for your enjoyment.

Seven Questions Posed to the Silent God

Narratives spun without characters

Trees make the best protagonists

Empty space can speak for itself

Why complicate it with people?

Insects have taken back their world

Deer fletcherize the corpses left over;

The beauteous detritus

From the Peaceful Apocalypse

Rotting in the garden

Why do you need a punchline,

Or even a joke,

When every hollow atom

is radiant with laughter?

A demon sits on the window sill

The curtains lightless and drawn

But he still has the foresight

To make out his mark

And number them amongst the numbered

Moss resumes it tyranny

Over the suffering window ledges

A mushroom may sprout from every orifice

But doesn’t bamboo make the best telescopes?

I looked under the chair

But still could not find you

Perhaps you are out dancing with the rippled waters

Waiting for the river to take off its garters?

Still, the effigies remain as immigrants from the past

Mannequins and china dolls our only ancestors

Who will place them in museum cases

Now that the ravens have fractured their claws?

Now that the Ravens have fractured their caws.

Now that the Ravens have fractured their cause

Still you can hear the creator

Muttering to himself in broken German

But the language will only reassert itself

Once the snowflakes have ceased to scream



Unanswered questions

Always make the finest quilts

And as you peek under the duvet,

Trying to keep warm,

I promise you this:

We will reach The Other Shore

And tear the bastard’s eyes out.

When White Noise Talks

But who is that sitting in the empty chair?

Where is the observer –

Can he even be found?

Only when we are nowhere

Can we be omnipresent.

Only blindfolded

And stuffed in a trunk

Can we be sure of anything at all