How To Start A War



Politicians – as both history and present day examples have proven ad nauseum – are largely not selfless people. They are not bodhisattvas who have renounced the concept of the self in order to work for the good of all. Rather, they are greedy, corrupt people, tortured by ignorance and delusion, whose very livelihood depends upon lying and deception. I’m an actor. I should know it when I see it!

A politician’s job is not to stand for high ideals such as justice, liberty, and equality, but to somehow trick us into thinking we actually need them in order to realize these ideals, though they are the main obstructions to fulfilling them.

The problem is, it’s very difficult to make a politician look essential during times of peace, when their useless, parasitic nature can easily be exposed. So it is incumbent upon them to generate as much war and conflict as possible. This act functions on many levels. It conveniently distracts people by uniting them in hate (and ignorance) against a common enemy. And it allows wealthier, more idiotically developed countries to steal the resources of another, and enslave its populace, all in the name of JUSTICE, FREEDOM, and PROGRESS.

In order for this scheme to function correctly, the politicians need to make sure the populace are adequately ill-informed, and have been conditioned by the media to make knee jerk responses to issues they don’t fully understand. Any response that comes quickly and without understanding is good for the politicians. It means they don’t have to work as hard to convince us with “reliable-sounding” sources. Make up a few facts, stage a few photos, and publish it. The rest will sort itself out, as only the minority will actually think to research them or penetrate the underlying reasons for this issue. And if people find concrete information that establishes it as a hoax, then don’t worry – then you can conveniently label them as Conspiracy Theorists, 5th Columnists, or Enemies of The State, or better yet, TERRORISTS, and the people can be harmoniously united in hate once again. More enemies. More invasions. More control. Hoorah!

When it comes to picking an enemy, make sure they come from a place with plenty of oil, natural resources, or a country that it would be politically advantageous for us to possess. Serve up over-cooked stories that play upon the underlying racism of your nation. Fund militants from that country to attack you. Or, if that doesn’t work, attack yourself, and blame it on them.

Many of these “Justice-loving” members of state knowingly hobnob with dictators and extremists, to whom they provide funding for arms and the military, though you’re unlikely to hear anything about, because they don’t want you to. So, when a head of state is willing to turn a blind eye to the actions of one dictator or group with whom they’re chummy, and suddenly start rallying a war of hatred against another, you have to ask “Why?” Clearly it’s not for reasons of justice, freedom or fairness.

The answer is: SELF-INTEREST.

When a small group of people is willing to kill and control the minds of millions just because it benefits them – that is psychopathy – also known as ‘stagecraft’ or ‘politics.’


Poem: I Love You, Mr Cameron


Spit upon your prime minister
To keep his face nice and shiny
So that he’s all gussied up
To take it up the hiny

He must look dapper for parliament
Or else he might not hack it
So contact your nearest sanitarium
To make him a Givenchy straight jacket

He deserves a medal for what he’s done;
Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize?
Or maybe a wooden stake through the heart
To see if the dead still lie?

I love you, Mister Cameron
And should I ever blow my nose
I hope you’ll be my obliging hankey
My blushing, English rose

But the PM’s nowhere to be found
At this hour of celebration:
He’s a got a date with a severed pig’s head
And a KY Jelly preparation.

Voting for the Cosmos


Britain is abuzz and asizzle with voting fervour pending the general elections tomorrow. And yet I can proudly say I will be amongst the non-voters. As far as I’m concerned, politics is nothing but a psychotic feedback loop, a typhoon of disengagement – its dialogue a sort of demented meta-commentary that seeks to disguise and drown-out the exploitation, greed, corruption, degradation and genocidal practices that it covertly encourages and allows. I’d be half tempted to use my ballot paper as a fitting toilet paper replacement, if I weren’t afraid that the vote counters might mistake one of my remaining dingleberries as a vote of consent, or leave me with some unspeakable colon disease simply through association with one of the names printed on it.

But this article isn’t about politics. I’m not here to foment a political debate or encourage you to not vote either – I would consider both attempts futile and tedious. This is about the world and your profound participation in it.

Just because I am not voting for a politician tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that I’m not voting. Quite the opposite. I’m positively overflowing with votes!

If you’re going to vote for anyone, vote for yourself. Vote for the world. Vote for the cosmos. Vote for the Tao. Vote for the Buddha Nature alive and raging peacefully inside us all.

If you want to change the world, voting for a mendacious suit filled with meaningless statements is not going to accomplish anything. Change starts with you. If you want to nurture the world, and envision a better future, than you must bring about that future by voting for it through your thoughts, your words, your actions, and your intentions. These are the quantum building blocks that sculpt the world anew – not ballot paper. Ticking a box is physical process. But thinking, speaking, and acting the world you want into being are all metaphysical processes. They go straight to the psychic and karmic centres of the universe and change it on that core epicentral level.

So think. Imagine the world in your mind as you would like it to be. Write it down or do a drawing of your perfect world. Make statements and affirmations about your commitment to making the world a better place. Do so regularly. Let it become your prayer, your mantra, your guiding, screaming, never silent intention. But, most of all, start taking action. Be good to people. Take as much responsibility over the improvement of everything with which you participate as you are able. Don’t turn to world leaders for the resolution to your problems. Turn to yourself. Only you can make the world a better place.