The Implicate and the Explicate Order


So, let’s look at another two realities.

The Quantum Physicist David Bohm came up with the notion of The Implicate and the Explicate Order.

The Explicate Order is the reality that most of us deal with, where all things appear to be separate and isolated from one another. There is a tree, a woman, a man, and a house – individual, temporary things

But in The Implicate Order, all such distinctions disappear. Everything is just an ocean of eternal energy. How can you separate the eternal from itself?

So the Implicate Order is hidden within the Explicate Order. The real is hidden in the unreal. The truth is hidden within the illusion. That is just the way things are. What Buddhists call ‘The Jewel in the Lotus.’

If we compare this notion of two orders with The Two Minds of Buddhism and Taoism,( we see they perfectly match. The Explicate Order is the level of the Discriminatory Mind; The Implicate Order is the level of The Enlightened Mind.

The terminology is different – but the realities are the same.

So, Spirituality and Science are the same:

At their worst, they both rely on faith and dogma

At their best, they both thoroughly investigate the true nature of things