Poem: Salvia Notes (Salvia the Obscurer)


Every particle of my being

Contains an infinity of other beings

We tend to think of ourselves

As being single selves

That notion of singularity

Is our sense of self

But I am not one consciousness;

I am a Colony of Consciousness

Within my being

There are more beings

Than even all those on planet earth

The reverence and fascination they have for me

Is truly astounding

I am important to them

I am their god

Even though my perception is attuned

And contained

In each and everyone of them

Out of this awareness

Comes the knowledge that I am a Space King

An Alien Prince

Whose life is far removed from this one

Though permeably merged with it

Salvia may open the door

But she offers no explanations

For once I want to believe there is somebody

Who knows what I don’t