TAO TE CHING TEACHINGS: Savior or Dictator?


“Love and lead

The country and its people

Without artifice or guile”

The Path of the Taoist is essentially the path of the Bodhisattva. Practicing the Way gives you a direct life-line to an infinite source of power. Having such an intimate relationship with an unquenchable source of energy, one can either become a megalomaniac or a saviour.

Many of the people who rule and ruin the world have immense power which they derive from occult means. Not good occult, like meditation and tantric, but bad occult – warfare, sacrifice, cannibalism, black magic and other practices too disgusting to be spoken of. Having been enslaved by dark forces, they use this power to enslave others, spreading misery and suffering everywhere in the process.

The Taoist, however, does not just cultivate power – he cultivates virtue and integrity, so that his power is always being channeled in a positive direction. If he still possessed an ego, or was too attached to his self, he might run the risk of using this power exclusively for his own personal gain, instead of the gain of all.

So, through mindful awareness, the sage is constantly present to everything occurring in his mind. A thought can’t so much as let out a silent fart without him knowing. Anything that reeks of falsity, of selfishness, he acknowledges immediately, and deals with appropriately.

What are artifice and guile? The desire to manipulate the thoughts and actions of those weaker then yourself, in a way that serves yourself. The Bodhisattva sort of does the same, but in a good way. Like the Beach Boys song, he uses his good vibrations and supreme mentality to radiate peace throughout the cosmos. He puts the potential of deeper wisdom, love and understanding out into the universe, but he does not deny people the right to make their own choices with that potential. The sage is a savior, not a dictator – he must always make sure that he doesn’t let his power turn him from the former into the latter.

Diary of a Mystic: Anubis and DNA


Duration – over ninety minutes, maybe a hundred. Mantra –Medicine Buddha’s, as I am still feeling unwell today, and it seems to exert a strong effect on me. Almost continual rocking  and shaking throughout, as with yesterday’s meditation. After focusing on making Medicine Buddha’s body my own, one of the first beings I encountered was Anubis, the jackal-headed guardian of the underworld in Egyptian mythology. He was stood in the middle of space, and flailing a red whip around, which may have had a fiery tip. I guess it was appropriate to see him, given the transformation that I’m undergoing. The whip seemed to remind me that all these deaths of the self are all about learning to further tame and subdue the self – it must be subdued and made to hurt a good deal before one finally conquers it. His presence unnerved me at first; but, I quickly assimilated to him and moved on.

Flying through the insides of massive of Egyptian temples – seemingly never-ending corridors of statues of all the great gods. Full-blown Egyptian space cities later in the dream.

I became aware that all of the 97% ‘junk DNA’ that we house in our bodies actually contains a limitless amount of infinite knowledge – no doubt closely connected with the Akashic records and the collective unconscious. I’m sure that if one were to analyze the DNA of spiritually advanced individuals and masters, they would discover far more of the DNA in operation than amongst members of the normal population – also amongst psychics and alien/human hybrids.

I ask to be taught more about love, and am whisked away to a beautiful planet – truly indescribable energy and colours here. I am standing on a tremendous red cliff outside a very beautiful temple with a large spire. I have a blue skin, a large crown, and am bedecked with lots of interesting armour and jewellery; my consort/lover is garbed in much the same kind of gear, has beautiful eyes and blue skin, is very slender and agile, and may have a tail. We look like a cross between Osiris and Isis, and Shiva and Shakti (though, unlike the iconography, both of the women are blue-skinned in this instance). We link together, and I experience being both of us at once. Either two or one – we can separate or come together at will.

I think this is one of the reasons people are so attached to touch in this realm. In other dimensions, to touch another, is truly to become another – here, unless one is very advanced in tantric mysteries, that sense of division and separation still stands, causing a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Yesterday, I saw both Lao Tzu (as Lord Lao on a throne) and The Yellow Emperor – they both resided in extremely lofty heavens. Today, I also saw a being wearing the same shining yellow robes as The Yellow Emperor, but he had a large, dark blue alien head.

The very loving presence of Tara also came to visit me at one time. I took refuge in her enormous green body, and the beautiful green land in which she resides. I also saw Manjushri – accepted his sword of wisdom, and, after, perusing through the book he always carries, I consumed it.


Astral Travel: Transformation and The Divine Feminine


Waking up still feeling feverish, I decided I would spend several hours chanting Medicine Buddha’s mantra to stimulate my healing powers within. At the beginning of the meditation I just decided to passively chant the mantra, allowing visions to naturally arise as they pleased. Many of them were of Shiva and Shakti; of wandering across vast desert planes on foreign planets. Sitting in a mountain cave, covered by a waterfall, looking across an infinitely vast chasm, filled with clouds, space, and moisture. Once again, there was imagery relating to the Native Americans.

I focused on my Shakti, on my Divine Feminine, and tuned into the female body that exists within my male body, becoming aware of my breasts, my womb, my vagina, and the different sensation in terms of energetic vibrations. I focused Shiva-lingam energy onto the pearl of my clitoris, and felt waves of high-vibrating pleasure ascending up through my body. It’s no wonder women enjoy sex more than men – the pleasure is much more intense, yet also much more grounded and consistent. It does not peak quickly then wane, as with men, but endures evenly, capable of being prolonged inexhaustibly for those who know the techniques.

Being earthly, women are naturally more grounded than men. Their tranquillity and serenity is far deeper than could ever be fathomed. This is why men have subjugated women for so long – because they are afraid and jealous of their closer connection to the earth, and the inexhaustible supply of magic and energy that gives them access to – pure Shakti energy. Thus, women have been demeaned and separated from the Earth as much as possible. This is also why the current powers that be strive to artificialize women as much as possible, exploiting their insecurities, and brainwashing them into being obsessed with appearances, make-up, security, and a whole of host of frivolous poisons that detract and separate them from the all-powerful divine mother whom they embody. To all women who read this, may you be liberated from the shackles of such attachments, and return joyously to nature, as the divine sorceresses you are.

Once we get to the astral projection portion of my meditation, the use of words becomes far more unsatisfactory. For those who’ve never performed astral projection before, it creates a divided, yet unified sense of experience. Though you’re still conscious of your body sat immobile as you meditate, you will also feel the cosmic sensations of your etheric body as you project it through different dimensions. There is a mind-split involved here, which may feel uncomfortable at first. But, the more you become accustomed to maintaining trance, and the practice of using separate senses simultaneously – in this instance, internal chanting and visualization – then the more that split feels natural and unified. You even become aware, during your waking life, that such splits are occurring all the time, and that your various thought bodies are often off wandering in other places and dimensions, whilst your physical body is engrossed in its own activities.

The longer you maintain awareness and control over your etheric body, the more solid and crystallized your etheric body feels. As with anything, the experience becomes much more stable and expansive the more you practice it. In fact, making your etheric body dwell in a single spot, as though meditating, and imagining it crystallizing, as though into a golden statue, is one of the best ways of further reifying it.

I visited an amazing crystal castle in space, which had a very robust healing energy to it, especially if one stood in the central room, below the elevated spire. The crystal was all a sort of light-bluey quartz color. It made me think about King Ludwig II of Bavaria, and made me wonder whether it was memory of such places that impelled him to build his incredible, fairy-tale castles.

One of the most liberating and exciting thing about the etheric body, is that it can take on any form you direct it to. The initial form I usually take on is that of a Buddha, bodhisattva, or god with whom I have a strong relationship. The Buddha body is usually an ideal one, because it is very easy to drive, and one can use the energetic powers of his top-knot and third eye to illuminate all sorts of fascinating realms and worlds. But, all forms are capable of taking on any kind of amazing transformations at the drop of a thought.

One of the interesting experiences for me this time round is that, not only can we take on the forms of animals and beings, but also of vehicles, planets, buildings, boats, and houses – or just be formless and empty, like the vapours of space. It is very fun to experiment with these different bodies, the alchemical actions that occur as a result, as well as the knowledge one acquires through experimenting with different incarnations.

Most exciting of all is realizing that you can transform the etheric body to be many things at once, manifesting yourself as a whole plethora of beings and things. I even experienced creating a hole world, and manifesting individually – yet multifariously – as every being and thing on it. I imagined separating myself into an infinite multitude of bodhisattvas, who I could spread in all directions, to all possible worlds, to liberate as many living being as possible.

Of course, at this level, I realized that all beings are essentially ephemeral creations thought momentarily into existence by the universal mind, and that, as The Diamond Sutra says, there are really no beings to save. Though, of course, until all beings realize that, I still have a lot of work to do!

Learning to be formless and all-embracing is definitely a skill I would recommend all beings to master

Meditation Diary: Lord Shiva’s Mantra


As I have been trying to perfect the full-lotus seated meditation position, I thought that it would only be proper to invoke Lord Shiva’s assistance, as he is the Lord of Yoga and Tantra. Praying for liberation from the gateways of the senses, I renounced my body, my life, my being, and offered it up as a sacrifice to The Way.

As soon as I called Lord Shiva, I saw an enormous eye flicker inside. So, instead of chanting the Tao Te Ching, which is my normal morning meditation, I decided to solely chant Shiva’s mantra – OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – which is something I have never done in meditation before.

An extremely liberating and tranquil meditation, I had many visions of Lord Shiva, entwined in courtship with a divine consort, the latter’s black hair blazing with fire. I reflected on the necessity for union between The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine, and prayed for this sacred balance to be actualized supremely within all beings.

I saw floating spaceports, as well as the cows of light extolled in The Vedas. I saw a tranquil blue planet completely submerged by vast oceans of liquid peace, and Shiva floating serenely over its surface, as well as moments of spiritual eroticism that I shall not narrate here.

When I came out of the trance, I felt lighter, and observed that my face appeared to be much younger and gentler. When I saw my mother, I observed the same youthfulness in her face, and felt blissfully detached, and better able to fully immerse myself in the bliss of reality as a result.

I look forward to deepening my relationship with this mantra, and hope that many of you reading this will also be inspired to chant it as a result.




A Reflection before The Image of God



“A reflection existing before the image of God –“

This is a particularly significant passage. Perhaps one of the reasons Taoism has endured for so long, yet remained so obscure, is because Taoism is without a supreme divine personality. Taoists understand that as soon as we create a god, and begin to give it an image and attributes, we are already playing a deception upon ourselves. We are giving form to that which is formless, thereby limiting it, and reducing its scope.

Of course, there is a reason we do this. The infinite is a concept that is very difficult to fathom and grasp. To many people, it seems daunting and unimaginably cold. However, once we bestow a finite form upon this infinity, we make it more approachable, knowable, loveable, discoverable. Far from being a formless void, it is now something warm, fearsome, or personable that we feel we can have a specific relationship with.

So, there is definite use to creating/recognizing gods. Tantric Buddhists, like myself, and many other mystic practitioners, often meditate upon these forms of god to generate specific attributes within ourselves. We meditate upon Avalokiteshvara to cultivate compassion; Yamantaka to attain transcendental fearlessness; Manjushri to manifest wisdom. But we recognize that these images are just provisional realities emanating from a source that has no image.

In this way, all gods are just a reflection of the pre-existent Tao. Every religion is a form of Taoism, in one with or another, and one does not have to let go of their existing religious beliefs in order to become a Taoist – only willing to deepen them.

But, just because The Tao doesn’t have a cuddly or frightful avatar to represent it, that doesn’t mean we can’t enter into a personal relationship with it. Once we learn to experience and intuit directly, such images will lose their importance to us. The Lakota call the divine ‘Wakan Tanka’ which means ‘The Great Mystery.’ Learn to love that which has no face or name, and your love will radiate everywhere. Learn to understand that which cannot be understood, and your wisdom will flow everywhere.

Tao Te Ching Teachings: Dissolving Desires – Strengthening Bones

tao lady

“Dissolves desires and strengthens bones”

This teaching follows the same formula as the first. Something negative is eroded, so that something positive can naturally sprout up in its place. Many people think of self-improvement simply as the process of acquiring beneficial attributes. But, most of all, it is the process of annihilating all those negative qualities that make it difficult for those beneficial attributes to become deep-rooted. Thus, it says in The I Ching:

“The superior man takes to good when he sees it, and reduces his faults.”

Always addition must be balanced with reduction. There is no other way.

What I have translated here as ‘dissolving’ has the meaning of ‘weakening; relaxing; making gentle or pliant.’ Desires, or chih, specifically ‘the desire to get ahead,’ also has the meaning of ‘wilfulness; ambitions.’ So, the sage renders the raging beast of our desires and ambitions – which often impel us to do selfish, inhumane, and cut-throat things – gentle. When previously our desires were strong, they ruled us and our actions; now, they are weak and pliable, able to be easily controlled and handled. Desires still have a use, because they are, at essence, a powerful form of energy. Not acting on that energy, and instead re-directing it back into ourselves, or towards the fruition of more selfless aims, we can achieve far greater things than our petty aims would have dictated.

One example of how conserving desirous energy is beneficial for you is sex. When you ejaculate, you are using up a huge amount of energy just to receive a brief burst of pleasure. Make it in a lifestyle, whether through regular sex or masturbation, and you are literally robbing yourself of your own vitality, cutting years off of your life. This is why mystics who still wish to make love practice tantric non-ejaculation, enjoying an infinitely greater pleasure, and without losing energy – only acquiring more thanks to the mutual cultivation of you and your partner.

This is something I can definitely vouch for from my own experience. Since becoming celibate, I seldom get tired, and always have a storehouse of vigour I can call upon at any time. Conserving energy is like saving money. Do it long and consistently enough, and you can end with a tremendous storehouse of energy – a bank vault’s worth of vitality.

The bones that are being strengthened here euphemistically refers to the strengthening of one’s character. People who are very indulgent, and routinely give into their desires, have very weak characters. The high morals or principles they think they espouse, they are willing to compromise in a moment if they think can derive pleasure or profit from going against them. In order to succeed along The Way, one needs to have a firm will, but infinite flexibility in expressing it. Practice not giving into your passing desires, and you will realize you have a duty and purpose in this life that goes far beyond self-gratification.

Tantric Sex: The Art of Spiritual Foreplay


When preparing to have tantric sex, it is necessary to put yourself in the right mindset. Whilst a typical tantric session with my partner might last about two hours, only about half of that time period is actually spent on the physical aspect of making love; the rest is all focused on spiritually uniting myself with my partner, and properly aligning our minds with one another. It must be remembered that Tantric Sex is meditation, and, thus, one needs to cultivate and maintain a meditative state of mind, before and during the act, in order to fully reap its benefits. Just as physical foreplay is necessary for the physical portion of sex, so is spiritual foreplay essential for the proper culmination of spiritual sex.

One of the reasons straightforward, physical sex can often be so disappointing, and can actually make you feel disengaged or distant from you partner, is that the subconscious purpose of it is ever eluded. When two lovers come together, they want to become one, so they have sex. But only bringing your bodies together, without bringing your spirits and minds together, will not satisfy. Every part of your beings must be aligned. Only then can you be truly receptive to divine pleasure.

So, before beginning the love-making act, take time to harmonize your minds, and enter into a state of peace and tranquillity with one another. This may sound counter-intuitive to those of you accustomed to normal sex fuelled by passion and excitement: but passion and excitement are difficult to control, require constant stimulation, and quickly wear themselves out. Peace, on the other hand, can you give you complete control, and, if nourished properly, can potentially last forever; so do not under-estimate the importance of being peaceful when making love. It will make you more sensitive, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and increase the sensuality of the experience by modulating and activating your subtlest nerve receptors and plexi.

To achieve this, you may want to meditate together, chant together, or listen to soothing music together; audios that have been specifically designed to promote healthy brainwaves such as binaural beats, or Tibetan Singing bowls; and light candles and incense.

One extremely pleasant exercise involves harmonizing with eachother’s energy centres. This can be practiced either clothed or naked.

Begin by standing opposite one another, with your bodies aligned and pressing against one another, including your foreheads. Breathe in deeply and gently together, inhaling together, and exhaling together, so that your respiratory cycles are in concert with one another. Then, press your lips together; but, instead of kissing, open your mouth, and breathe in and out of eachother’s mouths, breathing in eachother’s breath when you breathe in, and also receiving your partner’s breath when you breathe out. This ‘kissing with energy’ as I like to call it, is a very good way to engender a tranquil frame of mind, and develop a deeper bond with your partner.

Next, begin by passing energy into eachother’s chakras. If you are not familiar with the physical placement of the chakras, look them up in diagrams: they are very easy to learn. Keeping your breathing in tune with one another, focus your energy on your lowest chakra, and visualize that, with each breath, you chakras are blossoming and expanding, and waves of energy are passing between you, like heavenly cords, binding you together. Spend as much time on each chakra as you wish. Progressively move up the chakras, until you reach the crown chakra (though, make sure you communicate with your partner, so that you’re both working on the same chakras at the same time!)

Once you reach the crown chakra, draw the (dragon) energy out of your heads, and visualize these two streams merging together in a heavenly sphere above your heads. You may even wish to visualize two miniature versions of yourselves making love within this sphere, or even two tantric deities of your choice – such imaginative flourishes are always up to you!

That exercise should be enough to get you started, and can take as long you wish. Just don’t rush! All time with your partner should be sacred and timeless, so while engaged in Tantra, truly permit yourself to think of nothing else; or better yet – don’t think at all!

I hope you enjoy practicing this exercise with your partner.

All my love.


Non-Ejaculation: Making Love with LIfe

Tao Sex

I reader of mine recently asked me for some pointers and advice regarding Tantric Sex. As it is quite a multi-layered subject, I’ve decided to write a series of articles on the matter.

The first step a man must undergo if he wishes to engage in Tantra is to cease wasting his semen. I know that may sound like rather a tall order; but, in truth, it is like giving up a mediocre meal so that you can be granted access to  ever-replenishing banquet with the gods. It is not for no reason that almost every religious and mystic sect demands complete celibacy from its members.

Most non-initiates would interpret this stern demand as a needless expression of dominance and mind-control. But this is incorrect, provided you have chosen to do so for the right reasons, and not sheerly out of dogma. There are many reasons, both practical and cosmic, for giving up ejaculation, whether in sex or masturbation, and I shall endeavor to delineate them for you here. Truly, it is giving up a destructive pleasure (that isn’t even pleasurable) for a greater one that is beneficial to body, heart, mind, and spirit.

In Taoism, a man’s seed is referred to as his ‘vital essence’. It is this storehouse of essence which keeps him alive and vital. But, if he masters the art of Tantric alchemy, he can use this vital essence to reach the infinite, using mundane, bodily energy to tap into the immortal, primordial energy which is the source of the entire universe.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, semen and sexual energy are associated with the kidneys and the legs. When our kidney chi and meridians are balanced and flowing well, they enable us to be lively, courageous, confident, and self-secure; but when our kidney chi is stagnant or deficient, as it will be if you squander your semen through ejaculation, then all of these good qualities will be lost, and you will find yourself feeling fearful, panicky, unconfident, and unstable. This may not be readily apparent if you are a young man, overflowing with sperm and vitality; but as you age, the negative effects of this expulsion will become apparent in every part of your being, body, mind, and soul.

I have been retaining my semen for almost seven months now, and it has had a completely transformative effect over me. Last year I was a mess, lacking in motivation, stamina, stability, and quickly upset or disturbed by any unforeseen circumstance. But since becoming celibate, I always feel alert, energetic, and confident, that, whatever task I must undertake, I always have an abundant reserve of energy to draw from, and am seldom perturbed by anything. The energy that I formerly squandered on ejaculation I now channel towards improving myself and the world, refining my being, and honing my meditation practice.

One of the most significant impacts it has had is on my psyche. It is typical, amongst the spiritually-immature, to view all pleasure as something that exists only outside of you, and a lot of energy is wasted and expended trying to acquire elusive pleasures through various methods of self-indulgence, when all pleasure comes from within.

But when, somewhat paraoxically, you give up self-indulgence, then you can you experience true pleasure. Pleasure does not come from indulging the self – it comes from merging the self with with the rest of the universe, so that your every act is an act of praise, of making love to the universe. When you are able to break-down all boundaries, making no difference between the bliss of yourself, and the bliss of another; making no distinction between the suffering of yourself, and the suffering of another, then you have truly reached Heaven’s Gate.

When it comes to sex, non-ejaculation teaches you to be selfless, present, and mindful, instead of being self-serving and willful. All too often, sex is seen like a goal, or a challenge, as both partners race after their respective orgasms, seeing pleasure as something they must achieve instead of something they already are. But when you are able to put pleasure and orgasms to one side, then you can be truly present with your partner, and enjoy being intimate with them as an act of love, instead of as an act of personal indulgence.

Only when you forego orgasms of the body and the self, can you experience orgasms of The Ultimate Self.

If any of you have any queries, you can always contact me at reubenftourettes@hotmail.co.uk and I will always be willing to help.

Tantric Meditation Exercise


This is a small, brief guide to a tantric meditation that is very easy to practice. It is advisable that you have at least some experience with meditation prior to practicing it, particularly when it comes to opening and cleansing the chakras.

In Kundalini and Shakti yoga, one makes use of the evolutionary Kundalini power that resides at the bottom of one’s spine, and channels it up through the body until it reaches the crown chakra, and penetrates the divine consciousness.

The main difference in this Tantric exercise is that one cultivates, and makes use of, one’s retained sexual energy. For men, this means non-ejaculation, whether through sex or masturbation; though this restriction in no way prohibits engaging in sex, provided one does not ejaculate. You do not need to ejaculate in order to orgasm. Spiritual orgasms are far more pleasurable than biophysical orgasms, and also have the benefit that they do not rob one of their vitality, but actually increase it. Regular, non-ejaculatory sex is excellent for the health and the chakras, and I can give some tips for its practice, should anyone wish me to write about it further.

Now for the meditation.

Tantric Meditation


Light a candle or some incense to create a sacred atmosphere, and then place yourself in a lotus, or half-lotus position. Fine tune your breathing so that it is deep, abdominal, smooth, gentle, and slow. Keep your eyes closed or half-closed, depending on your personal preference.

When you feel calm and ready, begin to open the chakras one by one, starting with the root chakra at the base of your spine. Do this by breathing energy into each chakra, one by one, pulling the energy up the body, along the spine. Do not rush. Take as long as it needs to open each chakra, before moving on to the one above it. Visualize the energy accumulating in each chakra as you inhale; and then visualize that energy radiating out throughout that entire region when you exhale. You may make an affirmation at each chakra if you find this helpful.

Out of all the chakras, the heart chakra typically takes the longest to clean, as this is the location where all our hurt emotions reside. Be kind and gentle to it, and allow love to pass freely in and out of it with every inhalation and exhalation. Once you have reached the crown, and all of the chakras have been opened and balanced, Kundalini energy able to move easily up the spine, heavenly energy easily able to rain down from above, focus your energy onto your genitals, and draw energy into them.

The point at this juncture in the practice is to generate sexual energy and arousal in your lower centres. How you do this depends upon your personal preferences, but for men, the desired result is a strong, firm erection and tingling testicles; while for women, you’ll need your Jade Palace (vagina) to be moist, west, dilated, and feeling sexually potent.

My preferred method to achieve this is to visualize having sex with my partner, or other highly visceral imagery that I known will incite me. Sometimes I like to visualize having sex with a feminine deity, or to imagine that I am directly penetrating the infinite energy of the Mysterious Female (see the Tao Te Ching). Whatever you imagine doesn’t really matter (provided it is positive, and mentally healthy) – so long as it is sufficient to make you feel sexual and excited, without losing your meditative calm, then it is fine.

Once that sexual energy has been aroused, pull it up the spine, towards the crown. I personally like to do it in one sequence of breath, pulling up the energy from the genitals, up the spine, along the tongue, to the nose, through the third eye, and up through the crown as I inhale, and before allowing the energy to release and join in union with the cosmos when I exhale, but you may take it in much slower, sequences of breath, if you wish. You may repeat the sequence as many times as you feel you need to.

The sensation of this is incredibly pleasurable and invigorating, and is a very effective way of accumulating energy and power. Just be careful with it, and take your time. If you are not used to handling energy such as this, it can be very overwhelming, so go at your own pace.

When you are ready to finish the meditation, take some deep, enlivening breaths, and count up to ten from zero, opening your eyes once you reach ten.

I hope you enjoy this practice as much as I do; and if you have any queries, feel free to contact me.