Poem: The Devil of Meekness


I am meek and mild

Yet also unbelievably devilish

My rage can encapsulate

Even the most fearsome of titans

I slice through the prudish

And feed them to the poor

Dicing up steaks of ignorance

And seasoning them with awareness

Until that putrid shit

Starts to taste like wisdom

The MSG of the spirit

I am the blood-dripping nipple of truth

And the creamy discharge of The Way

You cannot escape this

It is a horrendous vision

That will assault your every orifice

Your every sensorium

With or without your permission

Your numbness has to go

I will burn your nerves anew

And force you to be raw in your sensitivity

Until you can stand it no more

I will violently inject life

Into moribund habits

And make the jaded and dead

Alive and gasping for touch

Better to be wet behind the ears

Than dry around the crotch

Here’s a little shock for you:




Poem: Trick or Treat


There is a frothing, raging

Demon inside of me –

Not a suave, cultured devil

But a pandemonium of torment;

A vicious, rabid animal

That wants slaughter,



I can hear the axes swinging

All around my body

A cacophony of profanities

Like a rookery

That has learned to curse

I could tell you to

Fuck off, Mara

But you’d only say

“The door was open,

So what good would there be

In asking

If you want a trick

Or a treat?”