Poem: Marriage Proposal to a Goddess


Oh, my rose hearted goddess!

I know you adore me

For I can always feel your silky luminescence

Festooned around me

But can’t you come into this realm

This Nirmanakaya

And find a human body to inhabit

Just for a little while?

I know all phenomena

Pour from you

Like sweat from skin

But I want to touch you

To have both a physical

And a metaphysical

Relationship with you

Call it the ridiculous fancy

Of a hermit seasoned by suffering

I am but a fly who chooses

To fly into a spider’s web

So that the other flies have the luxury

Of knowing they are not alone

Oh, my lady!

I want to feel your skin condensed

And interwoven with my own

To feel your hot breath in my ear

As you kiss me in places

No sane human would

Be my wife on all planes

Both spiritual and material

So we can have a non-dualistic love

That leaves no boxes unticked

Never have the corpses glittered

Quite as they do tonight

So I throw my engagement ring

Into the abyss

And wait for my bride

To rise








POEM: The Ecstasy of Truth

white tara


When I chant you name

All beings in all realms

Are greatly pleased

The green energy of the earth

Rises up to engulf me

And the Isis of long ago

Becomes very present indeed

My womb opens up

As a heavenly lotus

Dispersing rainbow pollen

To all and sundry

I dance in the streets of India

My see-through sarong

Exposing my verdant limbs

My vagina is the flower

That all beings like to kiss

Thorns cannot be found here anymore

In the ecstatic dance of truth

POEM: Seed of All Beginnings


All our actions

And intentions

Are mirrored

And reflected

Like light shining through

An infinite prism

What you do

On a mundane level

Has its parallel

In the spiritual

Fasting in the bath

My higher self

Prepares for ablutions

In a beautiful pyramid

We are going to see the Goddess

Our bodies must be lighter

Then the lightest flower

And clearer

Than the purest light

Then I will return to

The womb of my mother

As the seed of all beginnings

Poem: Love Without Body Parts


I’ve realized why love is so powerful –

It has nothing to do with me!

I’ve realized with love is so great –

It has nothing to do with you!

Just sharing a room with you

Makes me happy

Like a parent selflessly doting

On their child

Take me to all the rooms –

I’ll sit in everyone with you

I’ll share in everyone with you

You are my goddess

And I was born

Just to worship you

You are so lovely

Like a cascade of vines

An embryonic child

Rising into life

Put your third eye against mine

I want to lie in bed with you

And have you fall asleep on my chest

It doesn’t matter whose child you were

You are my child now

Crazy Reuben dances through life

Smashing skulls

And beating brains

Don’t you want

A thighbone trumpet

To call you dog home?

But you are so lovely

My secret goddess

Amnesiac to

Her own divinity

What do you make

Of this fiendish jester

Who follows you

Like a dog –

Isn’t he you?

Isn’t he you?

Lie down on the battlefield

I’ll let my body be

A pincushion for lead

If you’ll just carry me away

Carry my splattered body parts

Off to A&E

It doesn’t matter at all

If your feelings ever mirror my own

I love your spirit

And your spirit does things

You do not know

We are all love enough

Without firing guns at one another

Thinking with the safety off

Who ever read such moosh?

Poem: Yamantaka



That powerful force

That slays destruction

And decapitates the intrusions

Of the deluded mind

He wears Pluto as a dark gem

Over his third eye

The rings of Saturn

Bejeweling his fingers

Never has wrath

Felt so gentle and loving

For there is no doom

Where the scarecrow of spirits dwells

Hold this beautiful abomination in your mind

And he will bring you peace

Poem of Creation


In the beginning

There was only beginninglesness

Time and space

Remained unhatched

Within their limitless conceptual embryos

There was nothing

But the blissful nothingness

Of the supreme godhead

Bada Dev

Serenely ensconced

On the Mountain of Eternity

Overlooking all that had yet to be

Like the first forceful buds of spring

Bada Dev felt the inklings of creation

Surge up through his infinite being

With an earth-shattering flash

His third eye opened with lightning effulgence

The light illuming

All that was to become

As his myriad limbs set in motion

Bada Dev exhaled the winds

Of the very first cosmic breath

The five elements

Burst like rainbow smoke

From his nostrils

A chaos of red, orange, gold,

Green and blue

Waiting to be arranged

Like a painter with his palette

Bada Dev ordered Earth,

Wind, Water, Fire, and Space

Before him

And with his mind as the paintbrush

The cosmos began to be painted

Like volatile chemicals

The primal colours of the five elements

Swirled violently

In an undifferentiated torrent

These primordial forces

Sought to escape their master

But Bada Dev tamed them

Overcame them

And set the tempo

For the rhythm

Of these disorganized pulses

And attuning each of them

 To his incredible heartbeat

What once was madness

Became a spiral

Around which the rest of creation

Was woven

Like thread around a loom

Look into the eye of your lover

And you will see the cosmos

Stare back at you

With intensity and devotion

In such wise

All of creation

Comes from the eye of Bada Dev

The whirling of the galaxies

The orbit of the planets

The luminescence of the stars

All unfold

From the twinkling of his eye

Wreathing himself with nebulae

Bada Dev wears the night sky

As a veil

And if you look closely enough

You can see him staring back at you

Through the sacred glimmer

Of every atom