Dream Diary: Hurricane


I am in a trailer park, when a small hurricane seems to erupt out of nowhere. One of my friends, an American, has just entered into his trailer. I hide behind the trailer, thinking that the hurricane will surely not be strong enough to push it over. But I am wrong. The trailer quickly falls on its side, and I have to run into an alleyway to try and shelter myself from its maleficent interference.

However, at this point, it becomes clear that the hurricane is a conscious entity, and is clearly able to read my thoughts and fathom my intentions. It follows me down the alley way, but I somehow am able to escape.

I’m so impressed by the sequence, that I keep on harping about this psychic hurricane for the rest of the dream. But no one pays me much attention, and they basically think I am cuckoo – no change there then!

Later on, I am in America at another trailer park. I make some good friends there – a man and wife. We are saying goodbye, when we are surprised to discover that they actually live in Bristol, or another location quite close to me. We are all excited by this, and make arrangements to meet up with eachother when we get back home.

Things get a bit confusing after that. It’s rather uncertain as to whether we’re driving to the airport, or staying for another night. I am rather confused as to how I got to America to begin with, and what my flight arrangements are for going home.

Another couple has joined us. The five of us stop at a roadside canteen. One of the couples look like two friends of mine. The woman accuses her partner of flirting with all the other girls, and being unfaithful, and gets really quite wrathful. All this is taking place whilst I am helping myself to a rather large pile of food.

Things just get stranger after that. Pretty soon, a semi-calm-hysterical malaise comes over us as all these bizarre packages begin to show up, which we believe to be alien in origin. I find some weird elastic gloves in my room. As I am looking out the window, a large, multi-tiered lorry shows up. The other two couples start clambering on it, to retrieve whatever is in it. They all seem to be in a trance by this point.

The lorry seems to be largely empty, except for a jetski, and a sandstone monolith. Very Space Odyssey: 2001! I do not remember much more after that.

Train station at Bristol. Changing clothes by a bin. Thinking about sleeping in my car.


A hurricane is a natural force, and a wild, unpredictable, and disastrous one. It is conscious, just as all nature is. Insecurity about life deliberately pursuing me or chasing me. Something inescapable, or over which I have no control. Fear of how my thoughts affect reality in a potentially destructive way. Fear of Karma. The trailer is a refuge, but is easily knocked over. A reminder of the futility of taking refuge in worldly things.

A hurricane is cyclical like samsara. Comprised of concentrated wind and air pressure, it represents wind energy at its extreme. A warning of the need to harmonize my energies and avoid extremes? According to my dream dictionary, a hurricane can also represent extreme passion, and our ability to control it. Again, perhaps a caveat to not allow it to get the better of me. It also signifies trouble/difficulty, sudden and unexpected. Though it is dangerous, I do ultimately manage to escape, so I can acquire confidence from that.

No one believes me when I tell them about it. Mystical or supernatural experiences are difficult to transmit or convey to people who have not experienced them. Being selective about who I tell. Feeling isolated from my spiritual community/sangha.

Abroad. In a foreign country. Not knowing where I am. Uncertain about my placement in life or the direction I am heading in. Exploring the unknown, and relying upon the people I meet along the way to help me. Discovering that foreign companionship is far closer than I thought. Random travel.

Altercation in Canteen. Jealousy and conflict in relationships is a risk at the moment. Temporarily stopping for sustenance and renewal.

Gifts from aliens. Unexpected events or circumstances of unknown origins. Feeling that some unknown force is deliberately inferring with my life? Jetski – a powerful vehicle for travelling through difficult emotions. Gloves – shielding and armouring oneself in vulnerability and danger. Monolith – a mysterious monument to ancient knowledge. Finding the unusual and esoteric right on my doorstep!

Bristol – more dreams of being lost on the way, uncertainty, impoverished, having nothing or no one I can take refuge in.




Dream Diary: Difficulty Reaching The Other Shore

lost in the city

Didn’t sleep much last night, so, naturally, the dreams were not as epic in proportion as usual. I was in a city, London, and with another companion (male) in tow, trying to get to a relative’s house, or somewhere else where we were intending to stay. It was quite late already, and I think both of us were beginning to get concerned, as neither of us really had any idea of where we were going. I think he was hoping to rely on me, and I was hoping to rely upon him, with disastrous results!

We stop at a large building, perhaps a small university, art gallery, or college campus for a brief spell, mostly plain brickwork, looking into dull glass cabinets, talking to other people.

It is even darker once we leave, and we are really starting to get worried now. He wants me to call my friend/relative for directions, but I feel reluctant to do so, and would rather he did it, or that we would simply try and get to our bivouac through our own intuition. We know the relative’s house is in a square – a closed community based on some film – perhaps, Stars Wars or Harry Potter. At one point, it seems the only way of moving forward is to get on a freighter ostensibly carrying people over the water to the other side. My companion rushes to climb aboard. But I perceive that the bottom of the boat is flooded with water, and do not get on, thinking this to be a dangerous passage. To my knowledge, we never reach our destination.

Interpretation: This seems to ratify what the I Ching said in my last divination – it is advisable not to go anywhere, and to be correct in all my ventures!

As yet another city dream, it seems likely I may be finding myself in one again soon, for some purpose or other. Also complexity – the confusion of being in large, complex, unknown circumstances – a melting pot of different thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Uncertain about the art gallery/college, though, learning, as always, is to be expected.

The darkness and cold suggests ignorance, and the urgency of wanting to find refuge within it, but being too ignorant and non-plussed to know how to do so! Conflict between methods – part of me wants to be exceedingly direct and is methodical in pursuit of this aim. The other is uncomfortable with this, not wanting to interact or inconvenience others. Slightly more patient, but still feeling worried, he wants to be slower, more intuitive, and let things play out naturally. The gated community is square – stable and balanced – a refuge in the dark complexity of the city – but not easy of access – such stability and security is not always easy to map out or find, especially in unfamiliar circumstances. Yearning for support and mutuality.

The get there, we have to cross a river – The Great River mentioned in the I Ching. There is a passage carrying lots of people across, but it is water-logged and dangerous – one is gradually being overwhelmed by emotion and potentially overcome by the immensity of life. For now, it is simply not worth the risk – it is not time to cross the river. In keeping with the oracle, progress is difficult, and it is best to wait in caution and rectitude, instead of violently forging on ahead – especially when one is not sure of where one is forging ahead too! To abide in patience and wait in darkness – that seems to be the obvious meaning to the dream.




Dream Diary: Reuben and The Deformed Man


I am in an American TV show funded by a friend of mine, though, for the duration that I am in it, it is also reality. I visit a hospital/restaurant/motel. Meandering through the warren of hospital beds, I pass a patient who recognizes me from another dream. He is hideously deformed, with gangrenous flesh, his body a mass of bed sores and abscesses. He has an ugly, cyclopian third eye in the middle of his forehead, mostly occluded by a green eyelid.

He calls out to me piteously.I am reluctant, but I go and hold his hand, moved by compassion. My partners – (I am in the police force or part of an investigative team?) – call me to leave. I promise the deformed man I will return to visit him at a later date. The revelation of my departure causes him immense distress, as if his consciousness weren’t already typified by enough searing pain.

In the kitchen, stoves are burning everywhere, and there are Chinese gods graffitied crudely onto the steel surfaces. I start dancing with a very cute Chinese girl, play-fighting, and doing ridiculously fey imitations of martial arts moves. Some one points out that she has a wedding ring. When she sees that I am disturbed by this, she begins to cry. But I assure her I am happy just to be her friend, and we share a sweet, prolonged embrace.

Later on, I visit a rock-climbing center situated on the edge of a jungle ravine. It is very perilous, and I film an intricate movie on its precipice, which I later review with the rest of the crew.

Dream Diary: Three Death Dreams


Lots of strange dreams last night, all centering around Death and Transformation.

Dream 1:

I am living with one of my best friends, with his large family, in an enormous house. Domestically, everything seems harmonious enough. I speak to his Mother-in-Law who offers me her cat, which both smells like and resembles a freshly-baked cake. In spite of all this seeming normality, I know that, at the end of the day, my friend is going to take me out to a secret island, along with three other Masters of villainous pedigree, and have us all fight to the death. I do not know why he is intent on doing this, as we otherwise seem to be on very good terms. I try and take it all in my stride, but the thought of possibly dying disturbs me deeply.

Dream 2:

As a sort of detour from this earlier dream, I take a walk around the local town, which is very much past its heyday; most of the old classic hot-spots have been replaced by factories and mechanics. One place still in existence, though, is a bar/club called ‘The Secret Life.’ I go inside, and admire a cabinet filled with various items used for divination: tarot cards and crystals. A young boy comes up to me, and asks me to explain their meaning. He quickly metamorphoses into a young Asian woman, who proceeds to dance around me in an exotic and ridiculous fashion. I become aware that she is actually strangling me with her sash, and that this is part of some peculiar spell. There is a sudden flash-forward, and I find myself as the driver of a double-decker bus. She has taken possession of me, and directs me to crash the bus, killing almost everyone onboard. This results in a battalion of ghosts. We are all quite happy to be dead, and understand that we have a mission to fulfill.

Dream 3:

I take a trip to a large, corporate building, as I have been told there is a special library on the top floor, which houses a rare book on Transgender Sexuality. After travelling through various board rooms, offices, and lesser libraries, I reach the penultimate floor. The only way this top library can be accessed is via a completely vertical staircase. I try gripping onto it, but the handles begin to fall apart, and I realize there is no floor beneath this climbing area. A group of girls who are with me climb up with ease, and find my fear of heights both whimsical and absurd. Later on, whilst at a party, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I meet a man who has stabbed various knives through his arms as sort of masochistic fashion statement.