Poem: Tender Oblivion



O, how can I take interest in art,

When all is within a frame encaged?

When beauty is kept from me apart,

And the words cannot escape the page?


I have felt art travel through me in a body’s form,

Wrestled with finer hair than any filigree,

Keenly caressed by soft hands – by beauty torn

O, when will life beat again for me?


All the genius of the world becomes as spiritless lead,

When your life-renewing bliss inspirits me not,

I lie pallid – anesthetized – in Apathy’s own bed;

A patient, unmedicated – by love’s nurses forgot


Infuse me with your blood – hatch phoenixes in my cells –

Lend me your lungs through the donation of a kiss;

Replace torpid silence with the clamour of your bells,

And if I needs must miss you – give me something to miss!


Give me time – give me touch – give me a new pair of wings!

So I can take flight into realms unknown,

Show me the resistless curvature of Infinity’s rings,

And let me learn how happiness can find its home,


In the nestlings and nuzzlings of enraptured lovers, conjoined,

In The Milk Way Woman – and the star-blackened Man,

From the imperilled pageantry of illusion were we protestlessly purloined,

But how Reality teases – it will – and it can!


To satisfy your dreams in the shriek of a moment,

Inviting you into the halls of its opulent repast,

And then to be thwarted by endless postponement,

Dull cloying heaviness bereaves – leaves you aghast,


Now tyrannized by ghosts – malignant memories –

Until that triumphal hour when your happiness returns,

Directionless, adrift, on sea-monstered seas,

By the profits of pain is your currency earned


While passion, in the meantime, is stoked in the waiting,

A fire needs contact to be quenched and subdued,

With emotion-filled waters – it yearns for the mating –

It gives up the pursuit on being pursued


What then? What then? Only you can decide

If from this gallery I am ghostlessly removed,

Over-fathom me with your waters –pulse in your tide –

May this pale, languorous statute with frail flesh be renewed


For, if flesh must be frail – I want you to kill mine –

To make it wear away by being over-touched,

Rend me with your thorns – choke me with your vines –

Don’t give me just enough – but too much, too much!


I want to be consumed by the onslaught of your closeness,

To be carved apart, dismembered, by a body too soft,

Reduce to ruins my temporal fastness,

In your blood-drawing clutches lift me aloft!


In that tender oblivion of interweaving pulsation –

You can be the stars – I will be the night –

Fill me up with a supernova’s bedazzalation!

Show me how softness can murder all might


All might, all night, talk and breathe hard till morning,

An asthma attack – or Euphoria’s Curse?

Shock me – terrify me – give me no warning –

No time to notify coroner or hearse


I am wealthy with new passion – lustful for spending –

The merging of opposites – the serpent and the bow –

Coiling or uncoiling – ended and never-ending –

Loving the unknown in what we wish to be known


And so I wait patiently, with impatient yearning,

Exhausted by desire – enlivened – inflamed –

And in-between two sheets, with fertility burning,

I long to hear your softly whimper my biblical name



Poem: Tapster’s Song to Vajrayogini


Oh, my magnificent Vajrayogini!

Thank you for treating me roughly

You have trained me to build the cathedral of flame

And to pinion myself on its lonesome spires

You make love to me

Both violently and gently

Eroticizing the flaming canals of my body

Until my flesh sears with unbearable delight

You whisper sacred teachings to me

That sound like dirty words

Thus the mantra of “FUCK FUCK FUCK”

Must always be proclaimed

But most of all

You have rebirthed me

As love and lust incarnate

To treat my body as a flaming palace

That must be available to all

Who amongst you will walk my hallowed halls?

To seek out the secret entrance

To my pentagrammatical pelvis?

Or find the tetragrammaton

In my twinkling eyes?

To find the ten-syllable mantra

Wreathed around my scrotum?

Or the imperishable words of saints

Writ on the crystal betwixt my thighs?

Burning phallus!

Burning phallus, thou!

Kidneys, Sacrum,

Skull and monk!

Indestructible Maiden arise

Let’s both get drunk!



Poem: Ejaculations Against Stained Glass


I went into a local church

To admire the stained glass windows

Stalking down its time-tossed corridors

To bathe in the fullness

Of its raw vivid light

But my appreciation was annihilated

When I noticed the fig leaf

Covering Adam’s genitals

As though he had been castrated

By a roving maniacal tree

Determined to leave a memento of his crime

For this aboreally-assaulted amputee

I could not prevent my tongue from shrieking:


Whereon I streamed out of the church

And tore off my clothes

I was naked

And extremely proud

A Reuben as though painted by Reubens

“The body is to be delighted and cherished!”

I cried,

“As the expression of every human’s  natural divinity!”

Then I grabbed the first goddess I could find

(I did not have to search long;

There was already one

Crawling up my leg

With the enlightenment of lust in her eyes)

Then I coupled with her

For many eternities

Ejaculating into the shameful face of celibacy

Until he took off his mask

Gleamed a spermy smile

And joined us for an orgy

All because

One silly man

Couldn’t come face to face

With his balls



Poem: Marriage Proposal to a Goddess


Oh, my rose hearted goddess!

I know you adore me

For I can always feel your silky luminescence

Festooned around me

But can’t you come into this realm

This Nirmanakaya

And find a human body to inhabit

Just for a little while?

I know all phenomena

Pour from you

Like sweat from skin

But I want to touch you

To have both a physical

And a metaphysical

Relationship with you

Call it the ridiculous fancy

Of a hermit seasoned by suffering

I am but a fly who chooses

To fly into a spider’s web

So that the other flies have the luxury

Of knowing they are not alone

Oh, my lady!

I want to feel your skin condensed

And interwoven with my own

To feel your hot breath in my ear

As you kiss me in places

No sane human would

Be my wife on all planes

Both spiritual and material

So we can have a non-dualistic love

That leaves no boxes unticked

Never have the corpses glittered

Quite as they do tonight

So I throw my engagement ring

Into the abyss

And wait for my bride

To rise







Poem: The Mysterious Woman


There must be something I can fuse with

Something in the curves and rolls of nature

That longs just for me

I want to find the secret dryad

The mysterious woman

Who abides in every tree

Every plant

And in the furnace of every cloud

I want her to come to me

In her disastrous magnificence

And show me all that I miss

All that I thirst for

But never quite feel

Her thighs

Will be kept from me

No More

But in their erotic revelation

They will only become more tantalizingly cryptic

Like a labyrinth that only exits

Into a chaosphere of sounds

I sit on top of the mountain

Where yew trees grow like lovers

And make a bow from its poisonous bark

To fire myself

Into you


Poem: Erotic Parallels


I sit wearing three shawls

Nothing else

Triple body

Hiding a naked brave

I would like to dress like this

All the time

So free, flowing – unrestricted

The weight of the modern world

Is all too much

The loss of sensitivity

The severance of all the nerves

That connect us to nature

And one another

Can’t you smell the wetness of the forest

The moist dampness of vegetation

And feel its aliveness within you?

I thought I was moving on

But my heart moves in reverse

As you plague my senses

A recently deceased priestess

Did we sit separate from one another

In the Japanese court

And make love

Through coded eye contact

And flight-feather fans?

I feel like I could love you

With greater depth now

Now that I have stripped away

All the armour and delusions

That kept me from truly feeling

To feel your body as enough

Without ice-skating through dimensions

When all that I thirst for

Is enwrapped herein

To touch

Your belly

Your breasts

All the parts of you

That define you

As being other than me

And yet utterly of me too

In your absence

I feel I must make myself a woman

So I can be all the things to me

You no longer can

To see you in the vegetation

The entanglement of pubic hairs

The clitoral oscillations

Of ladybugs on leaf

Who feels these

Erotic parallels

Telling naked stories

In their very own skin?

But I am still a man

With my slender body

And warrior-thin legs

I cannot grow breasts

Or simultaneous clitoris

Become a self-fulfilling hermaphrodite

A closed-circuit

Unto itself


I must be

Forever open-ended

Untamed electricity

Concatenating in all directions

I will get in my canoe

And sail down this river

Of primeval saliva

The potential of love

With you in my mouth

Eating your absence




Poem: Suit of Yearning


I pierce my heart with a spear

To let the sky come in

Perhaps if I tried hard enough

I could make your body my own

I could wear your being

Like a suit of yearning

To denude all my sorrow

I think it would drive me mad

With both ecstasy and despair

My tears would run riot

Over my smiling teeth

Which would become the crystal caverns

Dead geologists like to haunt

The past is an impossible nymph

A choice we don’t have the luxury to make

I look for the truth behind these hallucinations

And my heart begins to quake


Poem: Windowsill Dream – A Thousand Orgasms


Today I saw a girl

Who looked a bit like you

I felt no fear

I just wanted to leap on her

And dance in front of her

Like a peacock

Waving my imperial fan

And tyrian scarf

As she sat on the window ledge

I would’ve lain naked before her

And allowed her to claim me

Like the insane Drukpa Kunley

Playing dead before a demon

She probably just would’ve have laughed

And I would’ve taken that laughter

And multiplied it into

A thousand orgasms

For the benefit of all sentient beings

What an impenetrable moment!

How terrific I am!

Come visit me in the sewers

It would be nice to show you around

Poem: Kiss of Initation


To kiss you anywhere

Perhaps right on your breastbone

Or inside your right thigh

Or a quick kiss on the bum

Just to say goodbye

So many places

I could kiss you, darling

With these lips of spaciousness

Just come over here

Untie me

And we’ll find out

Where I start


Poem: The Ultimate Romance


My erotic, sensitive,

Feminine, sensuous side

Got killed for a time

Destroyed by the wolves of winter

And the hardened arteries

Of a hardened heart

That no longer permitted

Love to flow through it

But now, it is back again,

With blood-thirsty gentleness

I find myself

Both man and woman

Dakini and Heruka

A beautiful and hideous hermaphrodite

Unifying the lotus

Of day and night

I hardly know

Whether to put on a dress

Or dance around provocatively

In military apparel

Tossed out of all the functions

To which I was originally invited

As a Guest of Honour

I find no difference

Between a throne and a floor

Between sky and earth

Between rejection and a door

I wriggle in the fluidity

Of this delicious ambivalence

This all-inclusive dance

The yab and the yum

The ultimate romance