Poem: The Faeries of Halloween


There’s lots of faeries in that wood,

The faeries they are up to no good,

To frighten folk, they are keen,

For tonight beest Halloween!


Among the hawthorns they do creep,

Disguised in toupees and false teeth,

And folk of astute deduction,

May observe a little liposuction!


They creepeth now from out the wood,

Into the town to do no good,

To run amok in all the bars –

Smashing windows – flipping cars!


Don’t by them be riddle catched,

Into a fatal chess-board match,

For should you fail their check to mate,

Your soul shall fliest from its gate,


And fly away to the Land of Faery,

To dwell with creatures, small and scary,

To roam through strange realms in-between,

All because one Halloween,


The faeries didst hath you tricked;

Into another world were you dipped,

To trip with creatures of ages old,

Electric blue and burning gold,


There’s lots of faeries in the wood,

The faeries they are up to no good,

To frighten all, they are keen

For tonight beest – HALLOWEEN!




Poem: Trick or Treat


There is a frothing, raging

Demon inside of me –

Not a suave, cultured devil

But a pandemonium of torment;

A vicious, rabid animal

That wants slaughter,



I can hear the axes swinging

All around my body

A cacophony of profanities

Like a rookery

That has learned to curse

I could tell you to

Fuck off, Mara

But you’d only say

“The door was open,

So what good would there be

In asking

If you want a trick

Or a treat?”