Poem: Solar Voyage


How can we help but fall in love

With what kills us

When life that kills us repeatedly

Is what we crave the most?

I am not in the habit

Of chasing after life;

I find that if I sit still long enough

It’s only a matter of time

Before she wraps her legs around me

And refuses to let me go

Like a tourniquet of romance

Fancy a free lap dance?

Pour me a new liver

And let my heart out of its cage

And I’ll do almost anything you ask

Just don’t be gentle with me;

This porcelain was meant to be cracked

You can sweep me up in shards

And then pour me into your lap

Like a self-reviving jellyfish

I’ll just keep on multiplying

Or be as a terrifying embryo

That always wants to party

Even once the lights have gone out

And the guests have all gone home

But I will return someday

To show you my tentacles

And you’ll climb on the back

Of this outrageous cephalopod

And sail away with me

Into the sun

Never to come back


Poem: The Sharpness of Life


You cannot shirk from

The sharpness of life

The guillotine in every atom

The poison spider of Karma

Crawling out her web

At the onset of dusk

To give you a razor-blade kiss

Persist! Persist!

That’s what life keeps yelling at me

Pain exploding in every pore

A secret fire

Committed by

The Arsonist of Time

As I just go on living and living

I am glad to have met you

My sweet friend

Until lover’s reunion

And lover’s farewell

Lover’s shrink-wrapping

And Lover’s Hard-sell

The uncertainty between moments

Is sieving me out

Into luxurious cocaine

For a titanic snout

I am unhappy with this

I shall not go on

But I’ll be here to the end

Thus runs my song


Poem: Pure Death


Walking by the river

I see the withered remains

Of rosebay willowherb

In life, they towered with color

In death they droop

With brittle frangibility

All bleached bone

A whiteness so complete

It’s shocking to the sight

In death,

They have found their purity


In this strange transformation

I hope to find my own


Poem:That Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

Crows don’t sing
The same song as Robins
A Fly does not share
The same wings as an Eagle
Every meter
A different culture
A different viewpoint
Is Advanced
We are not the same
But the golden thread of Life
Unites us all
Making us all the same
So cast off deceptive
Outward garments
And walk the tightrope
Of that Golden Thread