Poem: Sagittarian Moon


It feels rather invasive

When you wake up

In the middle of the night

And find the moon climbing in

Through your window

With Saturn and Mars

Not far behind

Haven’t those beautiful bastards

Got anything better to do

Than to spy on my sleeping form?

The security guards of the sky

With their celestial CCTV

Slink through the doorjambs

As I dream of making

The crucial mistake

Of pissing where I eat

Oh, Sagittarian moon!

Stop pressing your face against the glass

Just jump into bed

And keep me company

So I don’t have to feel

So alone


Poem: Birds on the Moon

moon birs

They talk about the first man on the moon

But what about the first bird on the moon?

Sparrowhawks don’t need spaceships

They can just find

The right auroral thermal

And drift straight up into the stars

They’ll require no flags,

No hoopla,

No television crews

Just a few steaks of roadkill

And a baby pigeon or two

Of course,

The sparrowhawks

Were quite shocked when they got there

The lunar craters

Were already manned by beavers

And a colony of prairie dogs

Who really knew how to boogie

To say nothing of

The indigenous wildlife

Who are largely invisible

To our naked eyes

First man on the moon

Who really gives a shit?

An albatross will see more

Than you ever will

So take off your monocles

I’ll show you where to shove them

Poem: Crescent Moon – Silent Furnace


In awe of the crescent moon –

What silent knowledge

Is it slipping, secretly

Into the subterranean vaults

Of our mind

On the sly?

Subliminally – a sublime ally

Fashioning rainbows

From the darkest furnace

Now I sit in a pub

Constructed from

The Head of a King;

Isn’t existence

A funny thing?

Poem: Bathing in the Moon


The Moon is my teacher
But where is she in the human body?
In every cell, a crystal,
A tiny micro-filament
Attuned to her lunar flux
You do not need a shuttle to go to her;
You can make her come to you
All her history, she will tell you
You just have to sit down, listen
And close your eyes.

Poem: Half Past Moon

Half moon

Half past Moon
Half mast Moon
Borrower of light
And summoner of elves
Invisible monkeys
Scramble across the branches
of a red ash
Susurrations come from the motorway
singing of sirens and slit-throats
The Himalayan Balsam
Have turned a ghostly white
Chalked by the moon
Until the raging dawn
Kisses them pink
Once again