The Robin’s Song


The robin is undoubtedly one of our finest songbirds. This morning, I had the pleasure of listening to two robins singing to one another. One was perched in the boughs of a Hawthorn Tree, whilst the other must have been at least twenty meters away, and was well out of sight. Every time the first robin sang a melodic phrase, there would be delicious pause, as though the second robin was mulling it over, considering their words, before belting a few beautiful bars back. And on it went, much to my delight.

The notion that birdsong is NOT a language is utter nonsense, and is born of the haughty anthropocentrism of which so much science and human thinking  is guilty. All of nature has a language. Just because it is not as clumsy and as crude as our own, we have ignorance just to refer to it as sheer mechanics and conditioning.

Until we stop seeing humans as being superior to everything else in the known universe, then we will always be deaf to nature’s silent words.

Just listen to two robins singing, and the truth will be yours.