Poem: Knowing and Not-Knowing


When you don’t know what to expect

Your mind is open

When you know what to expect

Your mind becomes closed

Therefore, never expect

Anything at all

And you will always be fresh and serene


POEM: Atomic Amor

love universe

The universe

Always gives me

So many kisses

Every atom

Doing its best

To smother me

With its atomic


Things might get messy –

Better get

The Cosmic Kleenex


I think I’m about

To cut loose

Poem: Civilized Wilderness


A pigeon, crouched,

Meditating on a table

In these ruins

Of civilized wilderness

I’ll take whatever I can get

After a weekend of seeing things

Inundated with sensation

What a relief it would be

Just to do Nothing

Be Nothing

And see Nothing

Non-being beckoning to me

Like an inn to a weary traveler

Out of the silent planet

London leaves me




Poem:That Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

Crows don’t sing
The same song as Robins
A Fly does not share
The same wings as an Eagle
Every meter
A different culture
A different viewpoint
Is Advanced
We are not the same
But the golden thread of Life
Unites us all
Making us all the same
So cast off deceptive
Outward garments
And walk the tightrope
Of that Golden Thread

Poem: Where Have All The Wise Men Gone?

Wise Man

Where have all the wise men gone?

I can’t see them anymore

They’ve gone on to TV

To turn their knowledge

Into money

Symbols of arrogance and success

No more can they be seen in the community

Playing go in the park

Or meditating in the mountains

Wisdom has no use

In an age of branding

King Solomon has made a documentary

About equity in trade

And Credit Default Swaps

Whilst Epicurus is busy designing

A self-folding napkin

So that the greedy

Don’t have to wipe their own chins anymore

Where have all the wise old men gone?

I cannot see them

In the sad faces of our fathers

Or the open corruption

Of our deceptive statesmen

Artists stay indoors

With computer screens for muses

Touch-screen inspiration

That leaves little to be admired

But still the mummies

Sit sagaciously in their tombs

Haunting the empty rooms

Of evening museums

Though sarcophagized and embalmed

Their power has not been lost

As they tap me on the shoulder

And hand me a fiver

To settle the cost

Of my next





Poem: Integration and Disintegraton


Integration and disintegration
Hope feels as hard to hold
As a lubed-up squid
I push my disfigured bike home
Like a soldier carrying a corpse
Over his shoulder
Yin has wormed it way
Into the soil
Returning to the Womb
It’s hard not to feel helpless.

Poem: Arctic Wasteland


When you keep your affection from me

It is like being denied the light of the sun

Out in the Arctic Wasteland

I battle with monsters

From unwritten bestiaries

There is little to eat

Except ice

And the strange medicine

From the congealed miasma of darkness

Punish me as you will;

We’ll see how I hold up

Once your Winter’s done its worst.

Poem: Unsatisfying Dialogues


I hate to be estranged from you
To be treated as a stranger
With defensive formality
When we should be cleaving to one another
Wearing masks and armor
We issue lies to one another
Through carefully hewn slits
We might as well
Drag our lawyers into the situation
So that they can do the lying for us
When did we become so false?
But I am still naked underneath
And I want you to take off
The fearful garb that is oppressing you
So that we can invest in light once again.

Poem: Swallowing Darkness


Every evening it comes again

And insists on tearing me to pieces

Who can hide from invisible jaws

The come dripping from the Moon’s milk?

When in pain

The only sincere thing

Is to be in pain

And look the raven right in the eye

Before he eats your own