POEM: Pumpkin Carriage

pumpkin carriage

It is the responsibility of the lover

To always love

To love gently



To love in sorrow

And to love in joy

To love in exultation

And in the very depths

Of hopeless despair

I found your silhouette

On the marble steps

I chased you home

In your pumpkin carriage

But as I ran

I discovered

I was the pumpkin,

The carriage,

The driver,

And the magic spell

That had made it so

Can I always

Enclose you in my heart?

And be the ivy

That wends around your ankles?


POEM: Medicine Buddha Power


Everything’s becoming so much clearer now

I’m learning to see

The face behind the face

And the voice behind the voice

Prophecies are coming thick and fast

Memories are being unlocked

With bhaisajyaguru’s body

Of lapis lazuli radiance

I recall my self-immolation

On a vast and towering stupa

The topknot on my head

Showers blue light

In all directions

I offer:

Ghosts to ghosts

Men to men

Gods to gods

Travelling through space

I sit upon a red butte

With my Native American lover

Staring at the misty ground below

India comes and goes

Crystalline rivers

Flow through paradise

Where animals do not fight

And all beings are at ease

Ascending the sacred ziggurat

Towards the supernal lights

I will reveal all to all

And be all to all

When the Buddha lets you see

His golden body

Skeletons are sure to rot