Diary of a Mystic: Trance Dance


After reading about the Dakinis, I decided to learn Vajrayogini’s mantra today. After offering prayers to the three jewels, as well as my usual homages, I began to chant the mantra, using the throat singing techniques I began to unlock yesterday. Beautiful, full-throated sound. I did try and visualize Vajrayogini in form during the beginning; but, the throat singing dominates your entire being, and it’s hard to do anything consciously – you just have to sort of submit to it. Again, that wonderful feeling of wide-open spaciousness inside.  It’s funny to think singing constantly, and leaving little room for breathing, could fill you with so much energy and air, but it really does!

After about fifteen minutes of chanting intentionally, I slipped into trance, and things began to proceed much more naturally on their own. Went through a variety of sung and spoken songs. One moment was quite casual – it just sounded like the shaman within me was speaking, so that was an interesting new development. Still not sure of the language though.

I began to dance in final third of the meditation. I think all of yoga, and interrelated practices, as well as the positions meditation deities are depicted in, all originally stem from what the shaman does spontaneously in trance dance. Personally, I much prefer the spontaneous version to the artificially codified one! Makes me look at a lot of practice very differently now, and explains why I’ve always hated doing things by rote – wanting to do something new every time.

It really does push you at times. You do feel like the song could kill you, and that’s part of the ecstasy of it. At one point, I moved around on my hands and knees, like I was imitating an animal. I’m not sure what, but most likely a bear – maybe even a polar bear! – I think, pawing the ground, and wiggling in time to the undulations of the song.

Really loving becoming a shaman. But I must get a shaman’s drum – that would open me up to whole new heights.

I was quite surprised when I came out of the trance to see how peaceful and gentle I looked, given the ferocious, and often otherworldly noises I was emitting. Power songs of love and healing, good for all the world.



Astral Travel Part 2: UFOs, Dragons, and Tongues


At one point in my travels, I decided to turn myself into a spaceship. This made me think about the UFO phenomenon. UFOs, whilst having many shapes and types, are usually described as being silent; capable of aerodynamically impossible manoeuvres; moving at incredible speeds; and have the ability to pass between dimensions.

The reason UFOs are able to thwart aerodynamic laws is because they do not operate on aerodynamic principles, but instead, on quantum-holographic principles. UFOs are created by the minds of their inhabitants, and driven by the minds of their inhabitants. The majority of extra-terrestrials are very psychically and spiritually accomplished beings – to think of them only on a physical, earthly level is very ignorant indeed.

I also changed my form into that of a dragon. I could feel myself shifting through the dark avenues of existence, thunder and lightning booming and exploding in time with the contortions of my body.

Towards the end of the meditation, I began to chant spontaneously for about half an hour. The chants sounded as though they were shifting between Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, and a mixture of other languages I wouldn’t be able to place. They kept shifting and changing before settling into a mantra that went:


As I chanted this mantra, I felt merged with the deep serenity of the void. The way the mantra kept shifting taught me something about the nature of sound geometry. The language was completely unimportant – rather, it was the way in which I shaped the sound that was most important, vigorously latching it onto the patterns of reality.