Poem: Tapster’s Song to Vajrayogini


Oh, my magnificent Vajrayogini!

Thank you for treating me roughly

You have trained me to build the cathedral of flame

And to pinion myself on its lonesome spires

You make love to me

Both violently and gently

Eroticizing the flaming canals of my body

Until my flesh sears with unbearable delight

You whisper sacred teachings to me

That sound like dirty words

Thus the mantra of “FUCK FUCK FUCK”

Must always be proclaimed

But most of all

You have rebirthed me

As love and lust incarnate

To treat my body as a flaming palace

That must be available to all

Who amongst you will walk my hallowed halls?

To seek out the secret entrance

To my pentagrammatical pelvis?

Or find the tetragrammaton

In my twinkling eyes?

To find the ten-syllable mantra

Wreathed around my scrotum?

Or the imperishable words of saints

Writ on the crystal betwixt my thighs?

Burning phallus!

Burning phallus, thou!

Kidneys, Sacrum,

Skull and monk!

Indestructible Maiden arise

Let’s both get drunk!



Poem: Seek Out the Darkness


Do not seek out the light

Seek out the darkness

Search out all the monsters

That you are running from

And give them each

A great big hug

Reach out to your inner devils

And invite them all to tea

They’re nothing to be afraid of:

Only angels in disguise

Closer to Buddhahood

Than any of the dualistic spiritualists

Who refuse to acknowledge

That shit still pours

From out of their sanctified assholes

See a flower in a corpse

And the corpse in a flower;

How the bones of bliss

Are built on the blood and bones

Of the world

Then you may look your personal assassin

Right in the eyes

And give them a sloppy great kiss

Dante knew paradise was most quickly reached

By taking a detour through the underworld

So seek out the darkness

If you want to find the light



Poem: The Agony of Bliss


The bliss of agony

Or the agony of bliss

Austerity and excess

Are both the same

It wouldn’t matter if I spent

Twenty years

Fasting on a mountain top

Or an equal amount of time

Running a brothel

And drinking myself to death

The outcome would be roughly the same

You have no idea

What I’ve been doing today

Perhaps you never will

Either way

Send me your underwear

And I will be very happy


Poem: Perfume


Of course you have to be here

How else could reality

Kiss itself?

Sweet breasts drooping

Inside a peasant’s dress

The kiss of the tide

And your legs spread wide

Isn’t it wonderful

How a woman smells like a woman?

And a man smells like a man?

Let’s make perfume together, my love

Just make sure I’m sober;

I’ll feel it more that way

Out amongst the trees

With the wind kissing my skin

Setting of sparks

Of glittering lights

The twilight perception

Of my own true self

Living authentically

In a magpie’s dream

I have a hammock in the garden

Where I can watch the fog

Roll down the mountain

Let’s walk into that fog

And lose our definition



Poem: The Sharpness of Life


You cannot shirk from

The sharpness of life

The guillotine in every atom

The poison spider of Karma

Crawling out her web

At the onset of dusk

To give you a razor-blade kiss

Persist! Persist!

That’s what life keeps yelling at me

Pain exploding in every pore

A secret fire

Committed by

The Arsonist of Time

As I just go on living and living

I am glad to have met you

My sweet friend

Until lover’s reunion

And lover’s farewell

Lover’s shrink-wrapping

And Lover’s Hard-sell

The uncertainty between moments

Is sieving me out

Into luxurious cocaine

For a titanic snout

I am unhappy with this

I shall not go on

But I’ll be here to the end

Thus runs my song


Poem: Suit of Yearning


I pierce my heart with a spear

To let the sky come in

Perhaps if I tried hard enough

I could make your body my own

I could wear your being

Like a suit of yearning

To denude all my sorrow

I think it would drive me mad

With both ecstasy and despair

My tears would run riot

Over my smiling teeth

Which would become the crystal caverns

Dead geologists like to haunt

The past is an impossible nymph

A choice we don’t have the luxury to make

I look for the truth behind these hallucinations

And my heart begins to quake


Poem: Kiss of Initation


To kiss you anywhere

Perhaps right on your breastbone

Or inside your right thigh

Or a quick kiss on the bum

Just to say goodbye

So many places

I could kiss you, darling

With these lips of spaciousness

Just come over here

Untie me

And we’ll find out

Where I start


Poem: The Ultimate Romance


My erotic, sensitive,

Feminine, sensuous side

Got killed for a time

Destroyed by the wolves of winter

And the hardened arteries

Of a hardened heart

That no longer permitted

Love to flow through it

But now, it is back again,

With blood-thirsty gentleness

I find myself

Both man and woman

Dakini and Heruka

A beautiful and hideous hermaphrodite

Unifying the lotus

Of day and night

I hardly know

Whether to put on a dress

Or dance around provocatively

In military apparel

Tossed out of all the functions

To which I was originally invited

As a Guest of Honour

I find no difference

Between a throne and a floor

Between sky and earth

Between rejection and a door

I wriggle in the fluidity

Of this delicious ambivalence

This all-inclusive dance

The yab and the yum

The ultimate romance


POEM: The Passion of Now


Be a mother to all beings

Be so sensitive

That every moment

Eviscerates you with its intensity

Just sitting in a room with companions

Is enough to peel off your skin

While a casual walk in the woods

Almost buries you alive

Every being

Every phenomena

Becomes a lover

Too painful to be near

Even more painful to be apart

Still, you draw closer, just the same,

Impaled on loving tenterhooks

Of razor-sharp tenderness

Who could stand to be without such things?

Who could stand to be with them?

I pour out my senses

And all that they stem from

And sweat in the passion of NOW


Poem: The Power of Lust


These Dakinis

Are truly insatiable

I can’t look

At anything red

Without Vajrayogini

In her manifold forms

Lunging at me

With atomic sensuality

My legs are actually shaking

With concentrated lust

A Kundalini rising

That encircles the golden ambiguity

Of my androgynous face

The soles of my feet

Are like pools of diamonds

Suctions pumps

Accumulating desire

Straight from the ground

I guess I can only

Make of myself a Heruka

And heroically forge

The burning union

That transcendental confusion emits

I am the madness of bliss

And the hunger of enlightenment

The ever-waiting tiger

Ready to pounce on you with pleasure

The more exactingly you control yourselves

The more us yoginis

Will tear you in two

Ripening you into a ferocious storm

That demands incessant satisfaction

Crimson clouds,

Crimsons burst

Crimson all the way

To lose yourself

Is a maestro’s culmination

Such a joyous frenzy

Seizes us all

Through the power of lust