Those who know do not speak

Those who speak do not know

Seal your openings

Shut your gates

Temper your sharpness

Unravel your tangles

Blend your light

With the dust of the world

This is called The Secret of Identity

The Hidden Union

The Mystery of Sameness

It cannot be attained

Yet its love is always with us

It cannot be possessed

Yet is never distant

It cannot be owned

Yet greatly enriches

It cannot be gained

And yet is never lost

It offers no benefits

Yet always exalts us

It cannot be gained

Yet always humbles us

Thus it is the treasure

Of All Below Heaven



Great perfection seems imperfect

Yet its use is never exhausted

Great fullness seems empty

Yet its use is without bounds

Truth and justice at their best

Seem crooked and wrong

Skill and intelligence at their best

Seem clumsy and stupid

Eloquence at its best

Seems stammering and tongue-tied

Restless activity overcomes cold

Motionless tranquillity overcomes heat

Become still



And all Below Heaven

Will be as it should


river town

Fame or your being –

Which is closer to your heart?

Your life or your wealth –

Which is more valuable?

Gain or loss –

Which is more destructive?

Loving excess

Incurs great waste

The more you hoard up

The more immense your losses

Know what is enough

And you won’t be disappointed

Realize restraint

And you won’t be endangered

 Thus are you able to last

As long as the ancients



The most flexible thing below Heaven

Gallopingly overrides

The most rigid thing below Heaven

That which has no form


That which has no space

Through this I perceive

The benefit of non-action

Wordlessly teaching

Non-action’s benefit

Few below Heaven can master it

Tao Te Ching Teachings: Divine Playtime


“Blending its light

To become one with the world”

Being infinite nothingness, Tao is also infinite light. However, unlike the light of the sun, this light requires no source, for it is the source.

Both transcendent and immanent, Tao is both beyond the world, and completely present inside everything within the world. This understanding of the mutual interdependence of immanence and transcendence plays a big part in many religious cosmologies around the world. To the devotees of Krishna, Krishna created the world, and then entered into his own creation. Everything is understood to be a consequence of this divine being engaging in play with himself. Thus, he is both transcendent and immanent, like a programmer who creates a virtual reality game, and then chooses to play it.

This is also a metaphor for our own experience. Coming from that original fount of godhead, we enter into specific bodies, with specific lives, to experience something we would not otherwise be capable of experiencing in our true, ineffable state. We are Krishna. We are the divine playing with itself. So have some fun!

Tao Te Ching 21


Integrity’s character

Is vast, all-embracing

Entirely in accordance

With The Way

The actions of Tao’s being:

Utterly intangible

Utterly evasive

Illusory and abstruse

Its centre contains substance

Dark and elusive

Its centre contains things

Impenetrable and obscure

Its heart holds the force of life

This life force is reality

Its centre is the truth

From ancient times

Until now

Its name has been the changeless

Thereby witnessing

The beginning of everything

How do I know the beginning of everything is so?

Through this!

Tao Te Ching: 13


Praise and blame

Bring about fear

Great prestige is an affliction

The same as the self

Why say praise and blame

Bring about fear?

Praise lowers us

Afraid when we get it

Afraid when we lose it

Meaning praise and blame

Are the same as fear

Why say great prestige

Afflicts us like the self?

Our suffering is great

When we claim to have a self

Having no self

What trouble can we have?


Treasure your duty to the world

And the world will be entrusted to you

Love your duty to the world

And you’ll be a guardian

To all below Heaven