Tao Te Ching Teachings: Clarifying Your Consciousness

g 1 Priming Love

“Purify the fathomless depths of your consciousness

So it is stainless and without distortion”

Consciousness is infinite. It is the substance of everything. Though we might think it is just confined to our bodies and brains, upon investigation, we discover that it is everywhere; no matter how much we try to reduce it, it can never be reduced. How else would such things as remote viewing, astral projection, and premonitions of past and future events be possible?

In Buddhism, the substance of mind has been compared to a diamond: unbreakable, crystalline, and clear. All of our minds are basically like this – serene, clear, and empty. But, in the same way that our oceans and coasts have been ruined by toxic waste and oil spills, so this empty clarity has been lost by our minds, filled with delusion, neurosis, and distorted perception.

Many of these erroneous views are forced upon us by the inadequacies of our culture; others are the result of having a physical form; others may be karmic in nature. Through constant analysis and awareness of our mental state, we begin to identity all of those qualities that limit, cloud, or hinder the infinite clarity of the mind. We put measures in place to prevent them occurring, and have sensible plans of action for responding safely to them if they occur anyway.

Through actively studying reality, we learn to tell the real from the unreal, embracing the former and rejecting the latter. Reality can only be known through deep investigation, acceptance, meditation, and the willingness to let go of everything you thought to be true. Let go of it all, and, at last, the truth will welcome you.

Taoist Phrasebook: Martial Refining


The phrases used in Taoist literature can often seem very recondite and abstruse, if not nonsensical. But these strange, mysterious phrases are very useful, for they teach us to think symbolically. And once we’ve mastered that, we can go beyond thinking all together to a higher state of being. I will do a series of posts of important phrases for you to ponder over, which I hope will help you in your own meditation practice, and commitment to refining your mind.

MARTIAL REFINING: The term is all about keeping the mind pristine, and refusing to allow to be corrupted by negative influences, either externally or internally. Once we have achieved calm and stability through practice and cultivation, often all it takes is one tiny negative thought or occurrence to dislodge our harmony,and send up back to imbalance, making us vulnerable to stress and delusion. But, through Martial Refining, like a warrior, our spirit is always alert and on guard. As soon as we notice the slightest inkling of vulnerability within us, where a negative thought or state could possibly arise, we go straight to it; patching up the spot, forcibly killing the negative thought, and possibly replacing it with its opposite. With something as sacred as the pristine mind,  we cannot be so foolhardy as to leave it open for attack, anymore than we would leave a priceless jewel in open display, or neglect to lock the doors of an expensive car. Stay receptive to the truth; slaughter untruth – then your purity of mind will be safer than any bank vault.