The sage’s mind is not set in stone

The people’s hearts and minds

Are his own heart and mind

To the good

I am good

To those without goodness

I am also good

For that is Integrity’s goodness!

To the sincere

I am sincere

To the insincere

I am also sincere

That is Integrity’s sincerity!

The sage’s presence

Brings harmony into the world

His heart and mind are universal

Undifferentiated from the actions of the world

All beings are his children




On tiptoes you cannot stand firm

Straddling and divided

You cannot move forward

Perceiving a self

One is not enlightened


One is not glorious


One has no merit


One cannot endure

Indeed, in this presence of The Way

This is called wasteful activity and eating to excess

It is apparent that this is loathsome to all beings

Therefore the Taoist abides elsewhere

Lines Inspired by Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’

Sun Tzu

The true warrior

Abhors both fear and anger

Fear makes us tentative and uncertain;

Small distances becomes insurmountable obstacles

And mice and shadows morph into monsters

Anger promotes rashness

And violent action

The slightest momentary irritation

Can initiate a never-ending war

Both of them destroy clarity

And the perception of reality one needs

To ensure victory

The only victory

Is being peaceful

And if you are peaceful by nature

Then your every action is victorious