Poem:When Wanting Overtakes


When wanting overtakes

Poetry keeps me sane

Eating the scum off lakes

And the potatoes the sun bakes

Jupiter sends roadkill

From the Pathways of Space

It’s nice of them to send charity

At this lonely hour

Of wind and wuthered blankets

And unrivaled showers

We’ll smuggle out the hope

To craggy cove

Before the season’s out

Before the season’s shout


Poem: Magpie Feathers and Willow Leaves


Magpie feathers and willow leaves
A welter of grief and yearning
My soul contorting into unseen shapes
In time with the seasons turning

Still your words do not come
My heart aches inside its cage
I listen to the goldcrest’s song
And weep some ink upon the page

Poem: Bells Through the Fire


Bells through the fire
Make the madmen perspire
Elephants grow goatees
As I hand out wicker baskets

To smother

My own alien offspring
We’re on the hunt
To kill them
Before they kill us
Seminal tadpoles
And deformed, humanoid
Crawl through the wastes
That grows beside the train tracks
Stick a tooth in the coffin
And my teeth will chatter
Until the snow chokes the aisles.