Poem: Let Compassion be Diffused like a Gentle Wind


I see so much suffering in everyone

I want to abate their sadness

Pain is held onto like a teddy bear;

the neurotic attachment of madness

My heart embraces the world with pity

Embossed in my cardiovascular microcosm

I find the answer, poignant and gritty

Encoded in the cells of every blossom

Let compassion be diffused like a gentle wind;

A teardrop breaks the mirror of a lake

A million Buddhas reveal themselves

And postpone Nirvana for enlightenment’s sake

I want to teach you all that I know

A Book of Wisdom in every kiss

You do not need to stay in the halls of hell

When it costs you nothing to enter bliss

Hold not onto your pain for a moment longer

Enter into the Eternal Now

Forget your bodies and your sorrows

And join as one in the Primordial Tao