Poem: Kali Makes Good

Kali has put away all her severed heads
And skulls – “No longer,” says she, “will
I be a lady of gore, but a lady of love!”

“I scarcely see how you can do that!”
Interposed her pet crow, whose sole
Livelihood depended upon her ability
To combine carrion with courtship

“No, I am done with all that!” she declares,
“No more will I thrust and frug until skin is
Worn away to bone and hoof,

“I will serenade the sun, and awaken to the day
In pleated skirts – I shall ice ski across frozen wastes,
And nibble on the nipple of every nunnery –
Not in the gnawing, blood-thirsty way in which I used,
But dainty and pretty, like a new-born kitten, that has not
Yet distinguished right from wrong –
Accepting one and deploring the other!”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” scoffed The Crow,
“You were made to fuck the dust of the world.
You may work towards innocence and purity,
But you will do so with such impossible lust
And cruelty, that many would have refrained
From leaping into the grave, had you just remained
The war-hungry whore you are.”

But Kali was not the one to heed such words.
She put on her nun’s habit,
Assumed the form of a lamb,
And dawdled sweetly into the world.

But once a Goddess,
Always a Goddess

Kali travelled over dusty mountains,
Through endless fields of gold,
She tickled her cunt in old stone farmhouses,
And searched in the vastness to find the clitoris
Of the world

She travelled for so long that she forgot
Who she was and became a maid on a poor
Peasant’s farm

She sucked on the tits of cattle,
And so inflamed the appetites of the she-bovines,
They would go rampaging after the bulls, and leave
Them trembling, traumatized in silage barns

But then Kali forgot she was a milkmaid,
She tore off her clothes, danced across space,
Spontaneously, violently, and landed, uninvited,
On a madman’s star – and fucked him so violently,
He became sane, and afraid of his own sanity,
Doing everything he could to try and drive himself
Mad once again, like a chef trying to repeat a drunken
Recipe he knows he’ll never repeat

But Kali grew disinterested and drove herself elsewhere,
Landing on a sacred star, where sex and gender did not exist,
And peace and serenity reigned secure – within a week,
The planet was a forest of cunts and cocks – all the
Androgynous Ones were put to death, and the only
Thing more central than lust was eternal conflict and

Eventually the gods grew tired of this
And determined they must intervene,
And so, intercepting her as she hitched
A ride on a passing comet, they whisked
Her up to The Brahma Heaven that overlooks
The Earth

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough?”
Questioned Krishna, not knowing whether
To look amused or stern

“I don’t know who I am!” she cried
Triumphantly as a little girl, and such

Was the merriment of her ejaculated amnesia,
The whole heaven split in two, and went tumbling
Back to Earth.

When she awoke, she found herself beneath
A lime tree in a German park, with a sweet,
Dirty blonde woman sat beside her, stroking
Her false tresses and curls

“How can I do it, Stephanie?” she asked her,
“I try to be pure and innocent, and yet all I
Leave behind me is carnage and war –
How can I be as sweet and as kind as you are?”

Stephanie smiled and lowered her sweet blue
Eyes to meet those of the Goddess-bound girl:

“You are not designed to be sweet,” she said,
“And you can be sweeter by far by just being
Who you are. Listen to the words of your faithful
Crow – he will not lead you wrong,”

Then night fell, and the sky was as black
As a raven’s beard, and everything shimmered
With the dense foliage of his feathers, hypnotized
By his guttural squawk
She cuddled into his plumage, and,
In the softness of that sleep, she slowly
Returned to her original form, and the
Bandolier of severed heads regrew
As she nuzzled into his fur

And, closing her eyes as peacefully
As a little girl, she dreamed happily
Of violence and war



POEM: Shiva’s Fire – The Egg of Death


Throwing myself onto the ground

I allow Shiva’s feet

To smash me into the dirt

Grinding all of my skhandas

All of the interdependent aggregates of my self –

Into the filth of the earth

Momentarily overwrought

By the intense pain

Of disintegration

My isolated disconnectedness

Soon becomes unity

My bones and entrails

Becoming one with the soil

Every day

Is a new grave to be dug

A new self to be slaughtered

I want them all to die

To perish

To be obliterated

In the searing gaze

Of Shiva’s Fire

When father and daughter

Wife and brother

Are all united

As different aspects

Of the same transcendent

Uncategorizable relationship

Then I know

We won’t need to be apart

Any more

My dreams

Won’t be the only house

I can kiss you inside of

Daughter, daughter,

As you see me slaughtered

And trundled into the dirt

Can’t you see your true father emerging?

His buried corpse resurrected

Hatching anew

From the egg of death?

We can be together again at that time

But until then

It will be scrambled death for me

POEM: Past Life Love Song


The lowest of the low

And the highest of the high

Are sitting in the shining gutter

This seductive swamp of stars

I no longer deny my own feelings –

They simply are as they are

As I am myself

Ridiculous though we both may seem

Though I am but a void

I still want to merge with you

To find silence in your eyes

Why should I feel this way?

What karmic adventures

Have we previously been entangled in?

Were you my daughter?

My secret lover?

Or a relation

No earthly word can designate?

I just want to feel no difference

Between me and you

I find vast, all-embracingness

In this fathomless heart

So addicted to being a fool

A wandering madman

Making friends with jackdaws

And twisted branches

Still a child underneath

Confused by the world

Eaten alive by loneliness

And alien-ness

That cannot be quenched

All the same

I seek out a name for us

Some forgotten sound to justify

This opaque lens of longing

I feel for you

Could I call you my daughter?

Could I hold you in my arms

And always protect you?

I guess it’s easier to be

A father to things

When they come from your spirit

And not from your bones

But things are different now

You are in that body

And I am in this

Do you remember when we used to

Swim together through the stars?

Carving canyons in space

And mesa plains

We built many planets

We built many worlds

Worshipped by more beings

Than could ever be counted

But now we’re clotted in flesh

But somehow brought back together

I know I cannot tell you any of this

Until you are ready

I am good at keeping secrets

They are the very fabric of my body

You can’t accuse me

Of being deceitful

It is only compassion

That keeps me so quiet

So I do not scare off those

I wish to keep close

But, I hope one day

You will remember as well as I

We will always hold one another

Through creation and destruction

And you need never worry,

That I,

You father

Your husband

Your brother

Need ever leave your side

Poem of Creation


In the beginning

There was only beginninglesness

Time and space

Remained unhatched

Within their limitless conceptual embryos

There was nothing

But the blissful nothingness

Of the supreme godhead

Bada Dev

Serenely ensconced

On the Mountain of Eternity

Overlooking all that had yet to be

Like the first forceful buds of spring

Bada Dev felt the inklings of creation

Surge up through his infinite being

With an earth-shattering flash

His third eye opened with lightning effulgence

The light illuming

All that was to become

As his myriad limbs set in motion

Bada Dev exhaled the winds

Of the very first cosmic breath

The five elements

Burst like rainbow smoke

From his nostrils

A chaos of red, orange, gold,

Green and blue

Waiting to be arranged

Like a painter with his palette

Bada Dev ordered Earth,

Wind, Water, Fire, and Space

Before him

And with his mind as the paintbrush

The cosmos began to be painted

Like volatile chemicals

The primal colours of the five elements

Swirled violently

In an undifferentiated torrent

These primordial forces

Sought to escape their master

But Bada Dev tamed them

Overcame them

And set the tempo

For the rhythm

Of these disorganized pulses

And attuning each of them

 To his incredible heartbeat

What once was madness

Became a spiral

Around which the rest of creation

Was woven

Like thread around a loom

Look into the eye of your lover

And you will see the cosmos

Stare back at you

With intensity and devotion

In such wise

All of creation

Comes from the eye of Bada Dev

The whirling of the galaxies

The orbit of the planets

The luminescence of the stars

All unfold

From the twinkling of his eye

Wreathing himself with nebulae

Bada Dev wears the night sky

As a veil

And if you look closely enough

You can see him staring back at you

Through the sacred glimmer

Of every atom